Bringing Home Your New Kitten

November 7, 2017


Adding a new furry friend to your family is just about the best day ever! The moms at Kitty Kottage want to make sure you are prepared to welcome your new fur baby by having all the appropriate supplies ready to go at home. 


FOOD: We feed the kittens at KK Purina Naturals. You can find this food at any pet store, and it is relatively inexpensive. As it is natural, it doesn't have dyes or unnecessary added ingredients that could upset kitty's tummy. We recommend starting with this food as a base level and going up in quality from there. Anything lower-quality than Purina Naturals will likely give your kitty diarrhea! 

Younger kittens ranging from one to three months old usually require wet food supplemented into their diet to help them grow healthy and pack on fat. We love Fancy Feast Kitten. You can mix it with water or a tablespoon of rice cereal to make a goopy texture and give a little bit to your kitten at breakfast and dinner to fatten them up!




LITTER AND LITTER BOX: There are many great options for litter boxes out there. If you're looking to keep odors at a minimum, a large and spacious box is a good idea. Covered litter boxes are also a great option. Tidy Cats is definitely the best quality litter and will keep smells down the best, but really any litter will do. Many people have been switching to pine litter pellets for a more natural option. This litter is great, but some cats do not like to dig in it, which can result in kitty peeing and pooping outside the litter box. Do a test run and go with whatever kitty likes best!


TOYS: There are hundreds of great toys to be found at pet stores! Wands, balls, stuffed catnip toys, pipe cleaners, and straws are great, safe, and basic toys that every cat loves. Kitties also love toys with balls on a track they can bat around, laser pens, and collapsible tubes to play in. 


BEDS: Any soft squishy bed will do! You can also purchase widow mount beds and platforms at most pet stores or online if kitty likes to sit in the window. 




SCRATCHING "FURNITURE": Scratching and stretching out paws is a natural cat behavior. Kitty Kottage does not promote declawing, so for the happiness of your kitty and to save your furniture, invest in scratching "furniture" for your kitty! There are so many options ranging from large cat trees to scratching posts to inexpensive cardboard scratching surfaces. 




OTHER SUPPLIES: Most cats LOVE boxes! Giving them an empty cardboard box to sit in is sure to make them happy.

If you really want to spoil your kitty, a cat tree would be a wonderful "Welcome Home" gift! Cats love to be up high as it makes them feel secure, and most trees have a scratching post included. It's a win-win situation!


Your new kitten is going to be happy to go home with you no matter what, but being prepared with all the right supplies will make the transition all the more joyful and comfortable for the both of you!


Please contact us if you have any other questions about how to prepare to bring a new kitten home.






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Bringing Home Your New Kitten

November 7, 2017

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